GENERAL POLICIES & CODE OF CONDUCT


 Dear Guest

We are grateful that you have chosen ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages, for your relaxation and holidaying. We want your stay with us, should be a memorable one, therefore you may please be aware of the General Policies and the code of conduct which is expected to be observed, during your stay at   ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages.

1) Please safe guard the privacy and peace of mind of everybody in the Resort.

a)You may please maintain the privacy and peace of mind of other guests also, like you want to keep your privacy and peace of mind. Therefore you may give preference to the privacy and peace of mind of other guests in their cottage/room than your unreasonable fun and enjoyment.

b)Please stand and relax in front of your cottage /room, than other places.

c)Please use the hammocks, if it is placed in front of your cottage/room, If you use the hammocks in front of other cottages, it will definitely spoil the peace of mind of other Guests.

d)Do the fishing from in front of your cottage, or from, in front of the cottages, where other guests are not occupying.

e)Please keep the volume of your TV in control, within your room only, so that it will not be a disturbance to others.

f)Guests from the rooms can relax on the lakeside in front of those lakeside cottages, If guests are not checked in (Please get the information from the office)

g) Please relax within your cottage and its immediate premises up to the lake, straight to the west of your cottage, attached to your cottage/room.

2)Please don’t spent unreasonable time at the office

You are requested not to spent your time by relaxing unreasonably at the office, as it is very small and it will affect our duties

3) Smoking & Drinking

Please don’t smock or drink in all the public areas and also on the bank of the lake, If you want to use the same as above, You may please do that in the sit out of your cottage/room .Please avoid smoking, drinking and eating  in the Cottage/Room for to maintain the room as clean, tidy and pollution free . Anyhow you may see that other guests or our employees are not disturbed when you have your enjoyment by smoking, drinking, making loud noises etc, you may please control your sound after 9pm.Wind is blowing from the west to  east (from the Lakeside to the backside ) therefore if you smoke at the lakeside all others, who are standing at the back, will be disturbed by your smoking. Therefore you may please don’t smoke or consume alcohol at all the  public areas.

4) Please maintain the fittings and furnitures in the Room & Sit out, as it is kept.

Please don’t take out the Settee, Easy chairs, other furnitures etc. from the rooms to outside, as those will get spoiled.

5) Switch off power, when you don’t use it Save Energy, Save Nation!

Please switch off power, when you are relaxing outside and also when you don’t use it and Please don’t keep the door open, when your A/c is on.


6) We have instructed our staff to switch off A/c and  other power connections when you go out of the room and switch on those when you come back to your room. Therefore, please switch off all electrical connection when you go outside, as it is your duty to save energy and safeguard India!

7)You are not authorized to use any coffee/tea maker, any cooking utensils or any other electrical equipments except mobile charger or laptop. We will charge minimum Rs500/- if any unauthorized use is found as given above.

8) If you bring outside food, please don’t expect any assistance/service from the Kitchen and the Office, as we discourage the guests to have bringing food into the room,due to various reasons

9) Eating in the Room

Please avoid eating snacks, chips, biscuits, food etc. in the room as it will attract ants, and you may have issues in connection with those and your sleeping might be disturbed by ants and insects.

10) We serve the food & beverages at the Restaurant

We serve the food & beverages only at the Restaurant for the sake of convenience, and to keep your cottage/room as clean and tidy, but for physically handicapped, old age and also for pregnant women we will serve the food in the porch of their cottage. But soft drinks, coffee, tea etc   will be served in the room.

11)Service Charge for all the personal services

We discourage the guests to bring fish, meat,fruits etc to bring in to the property and asking the Kitchen Staff to prepare those or ask them to do any personal service. But if you still want those services, there will be little higher service charge and you will have to pay accordingly.

12)Safe Food & Beverages from our Restaurant

All most all the open outside food and the food from the Restaurants are not safe. We provide only safe Food and beverages, moreover We have a reasonably a better restaurant to cater your food & beverages. Therefore try to avoid all the outside food & beverages for safeguarding your health.

13) You may not pluck, break, spoil or disturb, any fruits, Vegetables, flowers, plants butterflies or any other items of the Property. You shouldn’t pluck tender coconut, mangos, passion fruits etc. If you need those fruits, you can buy those through our office. You are also requested to instruct your children as above.

14) Full amount of tariff in advance & payment of the food bills on daily basis.

We collect the full amount of tariff in advance before your check in as the same is our procedure, please co-operate with us. You may kindly settle the bills of your food and beverages on every next day, if you are staying for more days.

15) Please don’t dry your cloths on the furniture and also outside of your room you may put those at outside only to dry, you may contact our staff to show you the place to dry your cloths.

16)Please take note at the time of Your Check In

Check in from 12.00 Noon  and Check out at 11am.

You may please take note of the perfect working condition of TV, Its two remote, Air conditioner, its remote, Water Jug,2 Glasses,2 soaps,2 bathroom towels, all fittings in the bathroom and the perfect working condition of all the equipments in the room,in the dressing area,in the bathroom,sit out etc. If you find anything as not working, defective or broken or torn please report to the reception at ext. No100 or at the Mobile No9446073152 or to the management and get it replaced or properly maintained.

17)Children Policy
Children below 9 years, can stay in the room, with the parents, without any additional charges,if they don’t require any extra facilities. But children above 9 years are considered as an extra person and extra person’s charges will be applicable,whether he/they may require extra mattress on the floor or not.

18)Pets Policy
Pets are not generally allowed, but with special & specific permission from the Management and by paying additional tariff and also if  the concerned guest takes full responsibility in connection with the keeping the pets in the room and in the property, they may contact the manager of the property by email:

19) Please take care, before Your Check Out

You may please give back the Door Key to our staff at the reception , and see that two TV Remotes, A/c Remote and all the furniture & fittings in the Room,Bathroom and at the sit out are in good condition and placed there in its original position,before you leave the Resort. You should also bring back to the office, all the items you had collected for your recreation, fishing and for your assistance.

You may please make sure that all furnitures,fittings and all assets in the room,bathroom and in the sit out are in good condition and allow our staff to check and verify the same, as in good condition,before your check out.Therefore you may please co operate with our staff to assertain as above.

20) Early Check In & Late Check Out

Early Check In & Late Check Out will be permissible, subject to availability and will be chargeable, as follows,

Basic A/c Rooms: Per Hour Rs 110/-

Standard A/c Room Per Hour Rs 175/-

Lakeside A/c Cottage Per Hour Rs 220/-

Lakeside A/c Family Cottage Per Hour Rs 400/-

* Please Note we will not provide the above facility during Peak season and holidays.

21) Late Check In & Early Check Out

Please note that we cannot compensate your late check in & your early check out,you are supposed to check in and check out as per the published time to have a common policy (Check In 12 Noon onwards & Check out on or before 11Am.

22) Luggage Handling

We will take care of the luggages of the Guests, who cannot handle the same due to old age, sickness and for the physically handicapped and for all the other Guests, we will provide Trolly services, for them to take care of their luggages, as we don’t have specific staff for luggage handling.

23) WIFI

We will provide limited usage for up to 15 minutes as free WIFI Facility in the Reception or in your cottages as per the availability of the connectivity. If you need the same for more than 15 minutes and up to one hour you may have to pay Rs50/- and if you need the facility for more than 3 hours, you will be charged Rs250 per day.

24)Car Parking

You may park your car without obstructing other cars

25) Original & Valid Photo Identification

It is mandatory for guests to present valid photo identification, in original,  of everybody at the time of check-in, for us to have the copies of the same for our record, from the original document.

26) Swimming In The Lake


Swimming in the lake, is allowed only with the permission of our Office Manager,then by wearing life jackets,by having all other saftey measures and should be in the presence of life guards only. June to October is not at all safe to swim or stepdown into the lake,due to heavy rain and wind and  also you shouldnot experience the lake after 12 Noon as the waves may be very dangerousin the afternoon.

27)During Rainy Season,Please take care

You have to be careful when you get into and get out of the hammocks, without falling down. During the rainy season the farm, walker’s path and the tiles in the porch etc. may be slippery, so you have to take more care.

28)Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation should be informed to us by email:
  • If your cancellation is made, before 7 days of your check in, we are ready to offer  postponement up to one year, Except the Peak Seasons,and Holidays, provided if we have availability on that date,but refund of cash will not be given under any circumstance.
  • No Refund of cash or postponement, for cancellations made,within 7 days of your check in date.
  • No Refund of cash in case of no show and late check in.


With best Regards

General Manager

ILLIKKALAM Lakeside Cottages